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Utilities & Engineering: Introduce and pass to a second reading, an amendment to Ordinance Section 10.16.130(B) of the City of Hanford Municipal Code, to prohibit parking at 9 ¼ Avenue - the west side, from 375’ north of the centerline of Summer Field Drive to 70’ north, Florinda Street - the south side, from 75’ west of the centerline of Harris Street to 70’ west, Greenfield Avenue - the south side, from 235’ west of the centerline of Campus Drive to 70’ west.


Department:Utilities and EngineeringSponsors:
Category:Municipal Code Amendments


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Financial Impact

The Financial Impact to the city budget will be minimal and will include the installation and maintenance of signs and posts and painted red curb along the designated segments. KART will continue to maintain their existing signs and facilities at the bus stops.

Meeting History

Feb 5, 2019 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting
draft Draft

Dir. Doyel explained to the Council that the Kings Area Rural Transit (KART) requested to prohibit car parking at certain bus stop locations. They've had trouble providing service to some locations due to cars parked in the bus loading area and it presents a difficulty to serve riders with ADA requirements. He stated there would be no significant costs to the project. It will require some curb painting and installation of signs.

Motion to Approve.

MOVER:Francisco Ramirez, Council Member
SECONDER:John Draxler, Vice Mayor
AYES:John Draxler, Martin Devine, Sue Sorensen, Art Brieno, Francisco Ramirez