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Community Development and Police Department: Discussion of impacts from changes to State of California Cannabis regulations and initiation of any changes to the City of Hanford Cannabis Ordinances.


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Feb 5, 2019 7:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting
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Dir. Mata and Chief Sever addressed the Council to discuss the current ordinance and resolution involving cannabis sales within the City. They are seeking direction from the Council on how they would like to proceed with cannabis businesses. The current ordinance has some inconsistencies with the State of California regulations that became effective January 1, 2019. The State now allows deliveries of medical and recreational cannabis everywhere, so individual cities cannot prohibit such transactions from taking place. Currently the City only allows medical cannabis. Dir. Mata asked the Council for their input on updating the ordinance to allow recreational cannabis, storefront businesses, and/or delivery businesses. Dir. Mata further stated that she receives several calls a week inquiring when the application period will be opened for cannabis businesses. She does recommend that the municipal code be updated to be in line with the State regulations.

Council Member Ramirez would like to bring back the recreational cultivation amendment and see it approved. He said he would like to see dispensaries come to Hanford, but not Downtown; he suggested on the outskirts. He stated he would like to adopt a regulation on deliveries. He asked Dir. Mata about the current applications and their statuses. Dir. Mata answered that the businesses who have their conditional use permits (CUP) would expire a year from the day they were issued if they don't pursue and hold their cannabis permit. Genezen, who pulled a significant number of permits has pulled out. Council Member Ramirez said he would support opening up a new application period and changing the municipal code to be consistent with the State.

Dir. Mata offered to take two Council Members at a time to see a nearby dispensary and get an idea of how the operation is ran. She noted that in the Goals and Objectives meetings the Council talked about a retail delivery model. Mayor Sorensen invited Rand Martin from Caliva to speak about the delivery model. He explained that it would be a non-storefront delivery only type of business to serve the South Valley. All of the sales would generate sales taxes and Measure C taxes for the City of Hanford because that is where the base of the operations would be located.

Mayor Sorensen asked Chief Sever what his thoughts were on having storefront dispensaries. Chief Sever replied he has visited some sites and saw that the professionalism and security features at each of these sites leads him to believe that storefront dispensaries are not much of a problem for law enforcement.

Council Member Ramirez said he would support putting a storefront dispensary in the industrial zone. Dir. Mata said that a zone would have to be established to address dispensaries and how they will be regulated.

The Council reached consensus on updating the ordinances to allow recreational cannabis, adopt regulations for cannabis delivery, opening up an application period, and updating the municipal code to ensure consistency with the State. Dir. Mata will also provide alternative language regarding storefront dispensaries to allow the Council time to research the business model.